What's Happening at Hallelujah Temple

Yearly Mission Focus, Global Classroom and Events Calendar

Our 2022 Mission Focus is

Demonstrate Love and Good Works

What’s a mission focus?

 It’s a yearlong dive into an issue, while raising awareness of a need and undergirding people who need support. It’s an opportunity for you to get involved.

The Blood Still Works

March & April

Focusing on the Blood of Jesus during the Easter observance. Sunday, March 13th is our prayer and deliverance service and April 15th is Good Friday. In conjunction with the spiritual aspects of the blood, we’re supporting our local Red Cross two ways. Conducting a Red Cross Disaster Relief drive and raising awareness for blood donors. The Red Cross is experiencing the worst blood shortage in over a decade.

Compassion Outreach


Come May, we’ll share the love of God, specifically focusing on children and cancer. We will compassionately extend ourselves and through hospital visitations and financial support, make and impact, demonstrating the love and kindness of God the Father that has impacted us. 

COGIC Awakening Project

July & August

A missions trip to our own communities! Supporting the Church of God in Christ’s global project, we’ll partner with the Chicago initiative to provide transformational leadership development and community activism training. Every afternoon and evening, groups of all sizes will engage in community outreach (urban evangelism, youth enrichment, food and shelter programs, literacy programs, construction and senior/convalescent care, etc.). 

Educators Round table


This round table will dive into topics such as: The challenges and opportunities of online education. Value transference to children, Monitoring online behavior and more. We’ll have an open dialogue with educators and parents!

Victors School of Study

Events Calendar