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Spiritual Warfare - Fact and Fiction



The conflict between good and evil has been portrayed and often glamorized in popular culture throughout centuries.  These depictions have unfortunately influenced our practices and even our beliefs.  Nothing has been more definitive about the warfare between light and darkness than the Bible.  From Genesis, the book of beginnings, to Revelations’ final battle, the Scriptures present clear evidence of not only these two opposing forces but the conflict which exist.  This course will give a full understanding of spiritual warfare as defined through the Bible and the weapons given to Christians to engage confidently and successfully.




  • Review material on a weekly basis
  • Complete each pre-assignments 
  • Pass each quiz with a 70% or higher 
  • Pass midterm and final 
  • The Holy Bible

  • The Holy Spirit and You by Dennis & Rita Bennett

  • This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti