Truth for Trendsetters

David became a giant slayer, Daniel a diplomat, Rahab a protector, Timothy a pastor because they dared to apply as truth what they knew about God. The truth of God’s word when applied by faith strengthens, develops, and matures you. Often our health, job status, children, finances, and even the weather can turn us one way or the other governing the way we think and feel. The Bible on the other hand has a collection of truths designed to lift you spiritually, emotionally, and personally. Being bold enough to allow truth to govern your outlook changes you. You become—regardless of age or profession—a trendsetter. Truth for Trendsetters takes you on a spiritual journey to explore the truth of God’s Word. When confronted by the challenges of life or moved by a mountaintop experience, you’ll find yourself not only quoting these fifty-two life-changing affirmations but living them. Inspiring and illuminating, this devotional helps you to become your better self.