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Our 2021 Mission Focus is More Than Conquerors

What’s a mission focus?

 It’s a yearlong dive into an issue, while raising awareness of a need and undergirding people who need support. It’s an opportunity for you to get involved.

Equipped and Empowered – April

We understand that at the core of a healthy, fulfilled, Godly life are empowering relationships with yourself, family, community and the Lord. The Relationship Conference explores all of these. Our goal is to equip you with information and skills that will help nurture and develop these relationships for victorious outcomes. 

Facing the Giants - July

Our weeklong drama experience Camp Creative, for ages 12 to 18, will focus on facing and conquering giants. From bullies to doubt, academic challenges to new environments, teens are daily staring down giants and facing their fears. Camp Creative 2021 helps them tackle these issues and celebrates the arts and individual creativity.

Conquering defeat - August

The pandemic has profoundly affected the Bahamas and their hurricane recovery efforts. More than a year after Hurricane Dorian, the country is still struggling to recover. Join our yearlong effort as we raise support and awareness for this Caribbean country. You can earmark contributions that will be forwarded to COGIC Missions in August for the Bahamas.

Seeking Justice – November

A two-day symposium explores the impact of incarceration upon families and the societal bias against black and brown people in the criminal system. Lawyers, nonprofits, family advocates, mental health professionals will speak on methods to heal and right the wrongs.

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