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Our 2020 Mission Focus is Unsung Heroes

What’s a mission focus?

 It’s a yearlong dive into an issue, while raising awareness of a need and undergirding people who need support. It’s an opportunity for you to get involved.

Teachers - April

Celebrating the tremendous work of teacher. Teachers are amazing. They shape lives and can have lifelong influence. We will honor teachers in our partner school, Illinois Elementary in Park Forest, and
our HT teachers with a gift card, encouraging them to “have a cup on us.”

Healthcare Providers – May

Our Missionaries minister to residents at St. James Manor in neighboring Crete passing the staff with a hello and a smile. But during the Covid 19 pandemic, healthcare providers were bearing a heavier load rendering critical services while understaffed and overworked. Sponsor lunch for a staff member of St. James Manor because they are unsung heroes.

Biblical Standouts - July

There are so many greats referenced in Scriptures. Men, women, boys and girls – some named and many unnamed who have done remarkably for the kingdom of God. Join our weeklong symposium on unsuspecting heroes who were unexpected, unworthy, unnoticed and unpolished but singled out by God. Our 2020 Vacation Bible School, Heroes Headquarters, will teach children about biblical heroes who made a difference. What can you do? Volunteer to help children understand how God sees heroes or donate supplies and resources.

Missions Workers - August

A dialogue with Elder Marx Succes. Vice President of Global Missions for the Church of God in Christ and team leader for Youth on a Mission, Elder Succes will talk about the many rewards of making an impact in global communities.

Everyday Heroes – November

Your opportunity to nominate a local hero. Email us about a person you know who should be recognized as an everyday hero. Tell us about them and their story by the end of October. They could very well be recognized for their accomplishments in our Everyday Hero celebration.

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