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This course will explore the development of the church after the death of the Apostles. It

will trace the major movements and contributions of the Catholic Church, the Protestant Reformation, and the Great Awakenings through the Azusa Street Revival and through the 2lst Century. This class is designed to strengthen the student’s appreciation Church of God in Christ, the Holiness Pentecostal Movement and their personal call to ministry. Christians have faced a wide range of challenges throughout the centuries and by faith, we shall victoriously impact the 2lst Century through the power of Holy Ghost.


After completion of this course, the students will gain insight into:

  • Understanding the role of the Catholic Church and the importance of the Protestant Reformation
  • Examine Slave Religion and the birth of the African American church
  • Reflect upon their own calling to ministry and the use of ordinances to empower believers in their spiritual walk
  • Correlating the historical events of the 20th and 21st Century to the growth and development of the Church of God in Christ


  • Complete reading assignments as given
  • Actively participate in online chats
  • Review resources on a weekly basis
  • Complete midterm assignment
  • Write and submit reflection papers


A Global History of Christians, Paul R. Spickard and Kevin Cragg (2001)

ISBN 080102249-5

Christ, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, Leonard J. Vander Zee (2005)

ISBN 9780830827862


The Gifts and Ministries of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Lester Sumrall (2005), Whitaker House

ISBN 0-88368-6522